About Us

QabasTech is a lead IT and Telecommunication service provider headquartered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Qabastech identifies and implements IT solutions that address specific business needs. Combining technical expertise with an understanding of the unique requirements of the customer environment we are able to identify optimal solutions for our clients.

Business Outline
Public Business
Qabastech provides safe, secure and efficient IT solutions for governments, governmental agencies, public institutions, financial institutions and other organizations by combining its distinctive technology assets, including networking and sensing technologies, with broad systems integration expertise and customer assets.

Enterprise Business
Qabastech provides IT solutions to meet private-sector demand, centering on manufacturing and retail/services, while launching new services to help create new value for customers. We intend to accelerate development in retail distribution infrastructure in particular, both in Saudi Arabia and in GCC Countries, as it will be a growth field going forward.

Telecom Carrier Business
Qabastech supplies equipment required for network implementation to telecom carriers, along with network control platform systems and operating services. Qabastech's wealth of experience in large-scale network implementation and strong technical capabilities contribute to the development of highly reliable communications networks.

System Platform Business
Qabastech provides products for business, ranging from customer experience management , computer equipment, software products and service platforms, and solutions and services based on them. Qabastech's solution platforms, which organically fuse these products and solutions and services, reduce labor and improve efficiency in customers' businesses, and at the same time, create new value based on ICT.

The way we work

Our Vision,
Delight Customers' offering “Creative, Distinctive & Customized” Services and Solutions in the field of Information Technology and Telecommunications by adopting Innovative and Emerging Technologies thereby Attaining Leadership position among the top Saudi Service Providers.


Exceed the expectations of employees and customers there by becoming the first choice IT services provider to our clients.

Our values
To provide the best work environment in Saudi Arabia by caring for our employees first.

- Be Number One at delighting our customers.

- Enable the Saudization Initiative for our customers thru training their talent pool.

- Creation of Wealth through Fair Practices

- Pursuit of Excellence through quality

- Highest Level of Integrity

- Optimum Value Proposition

- Team Work

- Preservation of our heritage and environment

Why Qabastech

Is your IT infrastructure designed for operational excellence and resiliency? Are you able to diagnose potential disruptions and resolve them quickly? These and other areas — such as availability, performance and scalability — are crucial for realizing high returns on your mission-critical IT investments.

Why should you consider Qabastech?
Qabastech  has managed IT infrastructure operations for enterpise customers in saudi arabia over the past one decade — that’s included complex IT transformations critical devices and issues.

A transparent partner, we deliver value through several outcome-based business models as well as best practices and tools that can transform your infrastructure and architecture to keep pace with changing business demands.

In short, Qabastech is capable of:

    - Tailor made solutions to address your pain points - Offers mature & frameworks &methodologies for operations and transformation
    - Can seamlessly transition from incumbents by taking IT operations & global footprints with zero business disruption in service transition
    - Provides a true partner experience through flexible engagement models
    - Draws on relationships with technology and support organizations to bring customers the best combination of cost and capability
    - Helps customers meet any IT budget
    - Focuses on improving infrastructure processes and deploying innovative ideas to continuously improve IT operations
    - Enjoys a reputation as a trusted partner
    - 100% of our customers testify to our commitment & our ability to deliver on what we promise, and their relationships are renewed every year.

How can Qabastech help you?

    Qabastech will partner with you to manage your IT operations more effectively, with the highest return on investment.

    Customers leverage our experience which helps establish, adopt and manage the complex and hybrid IT landscape of today’s enterprises, combining aspects of people, process and technology to deliver an enterprise of the future that is geared to overcome challenges across the following segments:

    - Next-generation data centers - Business productivity services
    - Identity and access management
    - Integrated application development, release and operations
    - Migrate you from a current straight jacketed IT outsourcing engagement to a fresh new experience of the Collaborative Sourced (Co-Sourced) model of engagement.

Quality Commitment

Industry leading quality management
Qabastech has always strived to differentiate itself from the competition on the basis of the quality of its products and services. In fact, Qabastech Quality Management System processes are applied to each and every business unit’s products and services. This commitment to quality has been the predominant factor in its high customer satisfaction and has contributed significantly to its success over the years. Qabastech attributes a very high importance to its quality assurance and has incorporated internal and external quality auditing practices not only to preserve but also to continuously improve its processes.

Furthermore, from an internal quality auditing perspective, Qabastech has an independent department dedicated exclusively to ensuring the grade of its products and services and environmental practices. The quality department oversees quality assurance, internal process controls as well as customer and supplier contract compliance in each Qabastech business unit and furthermore performs periodic internal audits on both the Qabastech Quality Management and Environmental Management Systems. This department is also responsible for the continuous improvement of processes related to these systems as well as for the total satisfaction of Qaabstech customers. In addition, in order to guarantee complete objectivity and support, the quality department reports directly to the executive management of Qabastech.

From an external quality auditing perspective, Qabastech is audited annually by independent outside entities in order to maintain its ISO 9001, ISO 14001 certifications. These annual audits serve both to validate and confirm that Qabastech’s processes are continuously updated in conformity with the highest international standards.

Key Partners

As an independent provider of information technology services, Qabastech uses world-class products during the design and development of our technology solutions. Qabastech has established long-standing relationships with a network strategic partners that ensure we have access to hardware and software products required to implement our innovative solutions.Visit one of our Solutions pages to see how qabastech is leveraging our strategic partnerships to deliver world class IT consulting solutions to our customers today.


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